Think Simple, Enjoy Life

What happened to the day that we talked to each other, the day when you called someone on the phone instead of texting them or messaging them?  What about the days before social media?  Did you forget the world before cell phones and tablets?

Call me old fashion but I believe that it is time to put these things down.  I am not saying go without modern convinces like electricity and running water,  just put down the cell phone, put down the tablets.

It is amazing to me that at my kids activities, how many parents are on their phones.  I wonder if they even notice what their child is doing or if social media is more important to them.  If they do it here, do they do the same thing at home?  This is why I say put the phone down and walk away, your notifications can wait, the calls can wait, the messages can wait, your child needs you to cheer them on.

Try it for one day; go outside to the park with your kids.  Watch them play, play with them, fly a kite, run with them, tickle them, ride bikes, cuddle up and watch a movie.  Sit down together as a family for supper and have a conversation with your children.

To me it is a wonderful thing to watch my children play and explore.  I am the loudest mom cheering them on.  I will always be there showing my children what it like to have an imagination and play in real life not on a video game.  Showing them how to get a kite to fly, showing them how to ride a bike, and showing them how to roller skate.

Turn off cell phones and tablets,  think simple, you just might enjoy life.

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